Events modelling

Alongside modelling for lookbooks, online campaigns and social media I also have 3 years experience of modelling live at events such as London Edge. I would like to extend this service to any brands who feel they might benefit from having a live model.


















I have a passion for vintage inspired clothing and I'm very happy to talk to potential buyers about anything they want to know regarding the brand or the vintage subculture. I also have a body shape that particularly suits the 1940s and 1950s style and therefore show off the products the way they were originally designed to look. Plus, the fact that buyers can consider those clientele who have larger busts and hips has often said to have been helpful.

I have three years experience of making connections with the potential buyers that come to the UK events. This has lead to several relationships which revolve around trust and honesty in regards to my knowledge of the brand I work for. I make sure that I learn about the brand ready for an event and always direct questions I don't know the answer to, to someone who can answer. This jovial, open communication with buyers alongside the fact that I'm always ready to change outfit so that a buyer can better consider a product, has had consistent positive results for both the brand and the buyer.

My experience of live modelling can easily be adapted to events that do not specialise in vintage clothing. I have previously been approached to model eyelashes, jewellery, accessories and shapewear at the events I worked, because those brands saw the positive effect of my presence.


When asked about their experiences with me as a live model, Hearts and Roses made the following comments:

"She is beautiful, everything fits her so well and she speaks to people so well."

"Her figure not only brings our designs to life and shows them at their best, but also makes her stand out from other models"

"She has a great knowledge of womenswear which consistently comes in handy for ourselves and our customers."


- Half day or evening with hair and make up provided for £200

- Full day with hair and make up provided for £350

- Two days/ three days with hair and make up provided for £500/£600 respectively.


Why hire

a live model?

Why hire me specifically?

* Results from surveys passed out to retail buyers have shown that seeing a product on a person as oppose to just a hanger makes a 35% difference in the likelihood of buying quantities of that item to sell at their stores.

*Hearts and Roses, who I have live modelled for at four events, confirmed that having a live model on standby to put on anything a buyer wanted to see in person 

>>>increased the engagement of buyers by at least 30%

 >>>increased the number of products considered when buying 

>>>significantly increased the likelihood of the worn item being sold

What are the options when hiring me as a live model?

If you are interested in this opportunity, then please contact me using the button below so that we can talk further!

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